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#GNW-26 Full-zip Shirt  #22-23AW
The window of the soul provides a glimpse into the trans of our past, present and future.


But the human heart remains enigmatic. We use a luxurious palette of dark hues to symbolize the complexities off the human heart.






In the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s important to Find Your Calm Center.




GNW-26 Full-zip Shirt
Color : 10 Black
           12 Grey
Article Number : MSST22A02
Gender Unisex




The human heart is a complex thing. We use our minds to build, we use our bodies to work, and yet the heart remains a mystery.


#Layered Military Shirt  #22-23AW
Water resistant / Water proof


 We embrace the philosophy of wabi-sari lifestyle, where implicit and imperfection are celebrated. 
Layered Military Shirt


 Color : 13 Dark Gray
     11 Grey

Article Number : MST22A04
Gender Unisex





Model : @b_c_lee
Hair & Make-up : @sunner0829
In-house Photographer : @tailnoz
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